BATS. Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)

BATS Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)

BATS Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)  Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad capitalizes on the nostalgic feeling of retro 2D gaming. The sport is about blood.

You are the vampire Count Bloodvayne. His group called known as the Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad or B.A.T.S., has been taken over by a rival group called S.T.I.N.G. The group’s leader, Scorpion Supreme, has committed to killing the entire team If Count Bloodvayne fails to stop them before. Therefore, the team must go through five insane levels to do this and defeat S.T.I.N.G.

B.A.T.S.: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)

B.A.T.S. showcases just five levels, and although it’s a brief game, the levels can be
quite a numbing painful experience. There are AI-powered enemies that get harder every level. There are obstacles such as spikes and saw blades that can be found in every crevice and crevice.

Also, at the end of every stage, you have to fight with Scorpion Supreme as the boss you can save one of your team members. When you save your team members, they will be free to play as characters, and every member has entirely different to others.

B.A.T.S.: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)

As a member of The B.A.T.S., you’ll have among the most important and bloody things to aid you in your battle the battle: blood. Blood, if you’ve not been able to grasp it is the most important driving force behind this game. It’s what connects your health, your power as well as everything else.

It is possible to get blood when you take on enemies often, they’re found in crates or locations which you must be extra careful to get. In the event that you collect enough blood, it lets you make use of a super move (different for each player) to unleash a massive attack on your enemies for a brief period of time.

The blood mechanic is one of the main flaw of B.A.T.S. The first is that it is linked to your health, which means in the event of injury it will cause you to lose some of the blood you’ve taken in.

One of the most significant issues I’ve found to be very troubling is how much damage it does for your wellbeing. It is possible to have your blood level nearly at its maximum to unleash a powerful move for example, and this task will require around 15 drop of blood.

One poke of a spike protruding from the side will bring your health to a minimum even if you’ve just collected just one drops of blood. Also, a subsequent error will send your back at the start of the degree. This is a huge error.

B.A.T.S.: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)


I also discovered that enemies do not always drop blood, particularly if they’re snatched by traps (i.e. lure them to the spikes or saw blades). The blood dropped by enemies also has this bizarre timer, which disappears in about three seconds after dropping.

The way blood drops can also be unpredictable You’ll kill the enemy and then drop blood to the left and right, upwards or downwards–anywhere. To collect blood drops can be a challenge for itself, especially since it’s a limited resource when you’re in B.A.T.S.

In all honesty, despite the awesome retro-inspired 2D graphics of this game can’t endorse B.A.T.S. without the developers tweaking the mechanic. After retrying the second boss 20 times because I’m always hit two times (and it’s game over as you only get just one drop of blood it) I was done.


Perhaps it was because I picked my new recruit (which was Rick Ghastly who uses a shotgun with a long range and slow-moving attacks) however, I didn’t have the gaming thumbs to avoid Scorpion Supreme’s insanely fast homing shots to beat him with the 20 rounds.

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