Battery parks are the key to grid integration of wind and solar power

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the presentation of the collaboration between Samsung and Younicos in person. A few more questions would come to mind and I would also like to have seen the large storage systems at Younicos. For example, I ask myself who the customers are and where these battery parks should be set up.

The company Younicos, which specializes in the grid integration of renewable energies, and the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer Samsung SDI have announced a strategic partnership to build competitive large-scale grid-connected storage systems. By combining Younicos’ grid control expertise and Samsung’s safe and reliable lithium-ion cells, the fully automated battery parks play a key role in using up to 100 percent wind and solar energy in our existing grids. In doing so, they will contribute to making renewable energies competitive. Samsung will guarantee the performance of the cells used for 20 years.

Batteries can be used economically for frequency control and other ancillary services

Clemens Triebel, founder and CEO of Younicos: “Since 2007 we have tested all industrially available lithium cells. Samsung offers the most economical technology to compensate for short-term fluctuations in the network. With Samsung’s 20-year warranty, we’re setting a new standard in this rapidly evolving market. Our battery parks provide important system services faster, more efficiently and cheaper than conventional fossil power plants.

This is the prerequisite for being able to switch off coal and other thermal power plants when there is enough wind and solar energy. Although the current market design does not yet appreciate the economic advantages of batteries, our battery parks are already economical in the market for frequency control – and can also provide other important system services.”

YC Yoon, EVP and Head of Energy Solutions at Samsung SDI: “We are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate the value of energy storage for renewables. With our partnership, we can offer our customers solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Together we can draw on significant experience and skills in the field of lithium-ion batteries and system integration.”

First large battery on the market for primary control power

The turnkey battery parks can be set up within 12 months and then provide all system services such as frequency control, voltage stability, black start capability and short-circuit power. They are also an ideal complement to network expansion and can help to significantly reduce the investments required for this. Younicos has been successfully operating Europe’s first large battery system in the megawatt range on the market for primary control power since December 2012 – and has thus already proven the commercial and technical marketability of battery parks.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in other selected European markets, Younicos becomes Samsung’s exclusive system integrator, while Samsung SDI becomes Younicos’ selected partner for solutions based on lithium-ion. As part of the partnership, Younicos will also offer hybrid batteries for its island solutions, which use a combination of Samsung SDIs lithium-ion and the technologies Younicos previously used.

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