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Billionaire Ray Dalio Talks About Bitcoin!

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, was a guest on a “podcast” on January 1, 2022. Dalio talked about the approaches of governments to cryptocurrencies in the program he attended.

Stating that the biggest problem of BTC is the regulators, Dalio continued his words as follows:

From the point of view of the government; alternative currencies are a threat to fiat currencies.

Thinking that even if Bitcoin contiues to be successful, future regulations will harm BTC, Dalio also said that he includes some cryptocurrencies in his portfolio. Dalio, who bought BTC and ETH, said:

I am an investor. I have to diversify my portfolio.

Dalio provides investors with a portfolio of 1% or 2% for BTC He said he agreed with Bill Miller, who said they could separate them. However, Dalio, who thinks that governments can ban BTC, added:

It is really impressive that this concept was programmed 10, 11 years ago and that it has come this far!

Stating that he does not agree with the rich businessmen who say that Bitcoin will “become the new gold of the world”, Dalio does not believe that the price of BTC can reach 1 million dollars.

Against this, Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy He has repeatedly said that BTC will be the new gold. The Bitcoin maximalist continues to buy BTC on almost every dip. However, Saylor, B.TC price of 6 million dollars waiting for it to arrive.

In September last year, Ray Dalio said that if BTC continued to be successful, it could be banned by government-affiliated regulators. Dalio also noted that regulators may impose high taxes on cryptocurrencies.

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