Energy bloggers on the rise – top energy blogs in May 2013

The last listing of the most influential energy blogs was quite a while ago, that was in September 2012. For a listing of energy blogs, the blog ranking at ebuzzing is still the measure of all things. There are other charts, but without a breakdown by category and with the small number of likes, tweets, links, etc., hardly any energy blog has a chance to appear there or even to achieve any significant positions.

It was all the more astonishing at the beginning of May when suddenly the ranking for the environment area disappeared and the blogs were divided into other areas. No reasons were given to us. After a protest via email and Twitter, the area is back under the new name “Energy & Environment”. This immediately shows which blogs dominate in this area today. A few years ago it was still the Lohas bloggers, today the energy bloggers are on the rise and are making up a growing proportion of the front ranks in this category.

I have one wish for the energy bloggers for the future and I’m holding my own nose. We need more links to each other, for example by continuing posts from other blogs or writing replies.

The most influential energy blogs

Who are the most influential energy blogs today? Influential is defined as the number of links, tweets, likes, and +1, with division and weighting remaining ebuzzing’s trade secret.


I’m happy that is still one of the top blogs and, like in September 2012, is number 3. In between there was even 2nd place.

2. Ecoquent Positions

The young blog by the four authors about solar thermal energy and ecological heating has already made it to 7th place, my congratulations.

3. Saving volts

Daniel Bönnighausen is also in the top 10 in 8th place with, currently mainly with articles about electric vehicles.

4. 100 percent renewable

The 100 percent renewable foundation blog is currently in 12th place, ten places higher than in September 2012.

5. Energy Experts

In September, the second-best energy blog in the ranking and in 12th place on ebuzzing, Robert Dölling’s energy experts are now in 16th place.

The choice of blogs is purely subjective and I could have chosen other others. But these are the blogs from the list with which I personally am best connected and the blogs that deal exclusively with energy and the energy transition. I’m sure that more energy blogs will add to the ranking in the coming months.

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