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FED minutes are published, Bitcoin price drops

The minutes of the FED’s meeting on 14-15 December were published.

The possibility of an earlier and faster rate hike than expected was highlighted in the minutes. According to the minutes, most of the participants agreed that the inflation risk is on the upside. In addition, it was noted that the majority made evaluations about meeting the conditions for an interest rate increase if the pace of developments in the labor market continues in this way. According to the minutes, some officials stressed the importance of the possibility that the balance sheet could shrink faster than the previous time.

Shares fell after the minutes were released, while US bond yields soared. The probability that the Fed will increase interest rates in March is seen as 80 percent.

Meanwhile, the biggest cryptocurrency with its market value, Bitcoin, fell to the level of 44 thousand 500 dollars. Shares fell, as did Bitcoin. BTC is traded at $ 45 thousand as of 22.49 TSI.

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