How To Aim İn Valorant

How To Aim İn Valorant

How To Aim İn Valorant

Valorant Aiming Guide

Congratulations! Congratulations!

We consider it our duty and profession, to help you with this task. This is why we have created this comprehensive video guide with accompanying article to help you learn more about Valorant.

How To Aim İn Valorant

We have partnered up with T1 (professional esports organization) and its Valorant pros group to give you clear and competent explanations and sound judgments.

The article also provides a quick and concise overview of other factors that may affect your ability to aim, as well your actual skill.

It is important that you have a precise and functional mouse-keyboard-setup.

The video covers the in-game mechanics such as crosshair positioning, counter strafing (peeking corners/angles), aiming down sight (ADS), First Bullet Accuracy, and counter strafing.

We recommend you to watch the video first before you go on to the supplementary topics that we’ll be covering.

Hardware How To Aim İn Valorant


You can decide whether it is necessary to invest in a high-quality gaming system or not.

Do you want to just have fun with friends and play your favorite game?

You clicked on the article, and you are now interested in the ways to win over your competition.

Your mouse’s movement and the surface where it is placed will both have an impact on how you aim. This is why you should get a great gaming mouse and preferably a good mouse pad.


How To Aim İn Valorant

How To Aim İn Valorant


Consistency can be key. A suboptimal setting can prevent you from performing better in matches, even if it is easy to aim consistently and accurately.

We don’t make any recommendations or biases about the products that you should buy for optimal performance. However, there are many popular and high-quality mouse and pad options available for very reasonable prices.

But, it is important to remember that you don’t always need the top of the line, expensive products in order to achieve the results you seek. The best-known brands may not always produce the highest quality devices. It’s worth trying different products, such as at your local electronics retailer, before you decide on your favorite.

It is possible to improve the consistency of your play by purchasing a mouse bungee or upgrading your keyboard.

Your keyboard is the main factor that influences your movements. This makes it easy to do things like counter-strafing.

A mouse bungee removes any cable that isn’t needed and allows you to move your mouse freely. You might find this worth it.

How to Find Your Sensitivity

Valorant has a noticeable advantage over other shooters like CS GO and Overwatch in that players can find the right sensitivity much easier in Valorant.


This is because it is possible to convert the sensitivity used in your previous title into a new, basically identical sensitivity for Valorant.


How To Aim İn Valorant

How To Aim İn Valorant


Let’s suppose that you used to have 400 DPI for CS:GO, but now it has 2.0 in-game. Now divide 2.0 by 3.18. This is roughly 0.63.

Your new sensitivity is now 400 DPI, and 0.63 in-game. (subject to the condition that you wish to maintain the same level of sensitivity).

It can be hard and slow for new players to discover the right sensitivity.

In this instance, it’s all about trial & error. YouTube and other websites provide many videos explaining how to experiment using different sensitivities to determine your favourite one.

How To Aim İn Valorant

Overall, however, it’s safe to say that sensitivity isn’t as important as you think. It’s only how you handle it that is important. This is why it is so important to let go of all thoughts and play.


While people may believe that Valorant’s high or low sensitivity is superior, there are many other ways to use Valorant. The truth is that both methods can be very effective.


There is no shortage of preferences in the professional scene. Spencer Martin, 100 Thieves‘ star player, has an average in-game sensitivity (eDPI) of 0.36 with 1600 dPI.


How to personalize your Crosshair

Valorant’s default crosshair isn’t optimal. Instead, we recommend you personalize it to meet your individual preferences and improve visibility.

How To Aim İn Valorant

There are many options to adjust the game’s color and size. To test it, you can use the practice range.

When customizing your crosshair, there are generally four things to be aware of:

It should not be too thick to be visible at all.

It should not block potential enemies’ vision.

The background should be easily distinguished from the color.

It is essential that the crosshair’s center be clearly identifiable in order to ensure accurate shooting


You should now have all the gear you need to start practicing your aim.

Nothing and no one can lift the burden from your shoulders.

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