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Melania Trump Celebrates Bitcoin’s Birthday!

Former United States First Lady Melania Trump celebrated the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis block via Twitter. This sharing created excitement in the blockchain ecosystem.

Trump also shared the image of the first blog and MelaniaNFT with Satoshi Nakamoto Added hashtags as well.

The Story of Genesis

block zero” (Block Zero) was created on January 3, 2009 by Satoshki Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Anniversary was celebrated all over the world. Many famous names also attended the celebrations. One of the important names is the former CEO of Twitter. Jack Dorsey it happened.

For more news on Jack Dorsey, check here.

Melania Trump also touched on the market value of Bitcoin in her tweet and said that it has reached 1 trillion dollars. Although this information is correct, the current market value of Bitcoin is around 872 billion dollars today.

It is not known whether those who gave up on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem and withdrew their investments might have regretted this post from Melania Trump. Melania Trump also announced her collaboration with Marc-Antoine Coulon last month, “Melania’s VisionHe gave the news of his project ” (Melania’s Vision) and the message that he would enter the world of NFT.

The fact that the former First Lady shared the hashtag MelaniaNFT while celebrating Bitcoin’s birthday did not go unnoticed. The following question mark arose in their minds: Is he heartily celebrating Bitcoin’s birthday or is he promoting his NFT??!

image 5 804x600 - Melania Trump Celebrates Bitcoin's Birthday!

Donald Trump Thinks Bitcoin Is “Scam”

Due to Melania Trump’s love of Bitcoin and the NFT move, the eyes have also turned to Donald Trump. Followers of the former First Lady are pressuring Melania Trump on Twitter to persuade her husband as well. As it is known, Doland Trump is famous for his anti-Bitcoin rhetoric.

In an interview with Fox News in June 2021, former US President Trump described Bitcoin as a “scam”. At the same time, he wanted to take drastic measures and regulations for Bitcoin. In this and many other statements, Donald Trump continued his opposition to Bitcoin.

Donald Trump’s opponent in the election Hillary Clinton He also took a similar approach, saying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could jeopardize the strength of the US dollar and its role on a global scale.

Contrary to the negative attitudes of US political figures, this sharing from Melania Trump seems to heat up the situation. Maybe he’s doing it to spite his wife, who knows.? We are eagerly awaiting new news from the former First Lady.

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