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My list of the ten most interesting company energy blogs

I recently had a list of other blogs with the new ranking of energy blogs. It was shown again that such lists are always very popular. Especially with the large number of blogs, it quickly becomes confusing and new blogs are otherwise difficult to find. The number of blogs in the energy sector has increased significantly in the last year.

Not only has the number of independent blogs increased, but some companies have now started communicating with the public via blogs. It’s not about advertising, but about content, information and communication. The implementation is of course very different, as is the interaction.

The growing interest of these and other companies in the energy blogs is also gratifying, as they often invest more time in their blogs and in establishing contacts and networks than the bloggers within companies. If the content of the blogs goes beyond the products, bloggers have no problem with links to corporate blogs. However, the company or the philosophy behind it must fit the blogger.

Presentation of ten corporate blogs

For the following list I found ten company blogs from different industries.

Sunny – The SMA Corporate Blog

The most active and well-known blog in the energy sector has only been active since the beginning of 2012. For this purpose, the world market leader for photovoltaic inverters has set up its own social media team, which is very active in taking care of the posts – with the help of various employees. The content deals with the company’s products, implemented projects, photovoltaics in general and the international energy transition. There are many contributions that receive a few or even a large number of comments and there is always a response from the company to the comments.

Due to its proximity to the topic of energy transition, the team takes care of proximity to the energy bloggers and also contributes to the networking of bloggers with blogger meetings.

IBC Solar Blog

The photovoltaic system house documents projects in the blog, shows products and reports statements from the board. At the moment, the blog, which is more than three years old, is rather inconspicuous in my opinion. But the large blogroll shows the good contacts in the blogger world.

Yello Stream Blog House

One of the few energy suppliers that blogs is Yello Strom. There is a whole team around the experienced blogger Jochen Mai. Terms and technologies from the energy sector are explained, employees are introduced, energy bloggers are interviewed, tips for saving energy are given and company products are presented. A very likeable blog, if you don’t have to think of nuclear power. Some of the posts have comments from readers.

bright spot blog

The best-known blog from an energy supplier is that of the green electricity provider Lichtblick. There has been blogging about energy policy, climate protection and sustainability for several years. But also questions from customers and offers, as well as activities of Lichtblick are frequent topics. There are only a few comments on the posts from the last few weeks. The blogroll and posts show me more contacts to other company blogs than to energy bloggers.

EnBW dialogue corner

One of the major energy suppliers in Germany, which has active blogs aimed at private and commercial customers, but also writes in general about Stuttgart and careers at EnBW, with contributions from trainees. The customer blog contains general information about EnBW, but also tips for saving energy or funding offers. There are not many comments, but I noticed a post with many comments to which there was no reaction from EnBW.

123energie blog

The online brand of Pfalzwerke AG, 123energie, has been known to me for a number of years through its blog. At least once a week, current energy topics are addressed, terms are explained or energy-saving tips are referred to. The few comments are also answered by the company bloggers.

Pole Star Energy

The young provider of green electricity and green gas from Munich integrated a blog right from the start and reports a lot on topics from the field of sustainable living. Energy issues also crop up again and again, but above all with regard to the conscious use of energy. There aren’t many comments, but they’re all answered. there are a lot of reactions to this on Facebook or Twitter.

Viessmann Innovations Blog

The heating manufacturer has been active with the innovation blog since the ISH 2013, which is supplemented by a forum, a specialist partner search and a funding database. In the blog, Viessmann technologies are explained, reference projects are shown and a column advocates for technologies or processes. In my opinion, the contributions could be a bit more detailed and go in the direction of specialist articles, then it will be really interesting.

Energy blog

The project developer and operator of power plants for the production of electricity from renewable energies, Enertrag, has been active with the blog for three years. But the contributions are mostly irregular and kept very short. The authors repeatedly refer to current political discussions and activities of the company.

Limon GmbH

The latest blog in the series is in the series and launched in April. The service provider for energy efficiency and energy management, Limon GmbH from Kassel, writes and provides information about efficiency, energy management and audits in companies. It’s not just about Germany, international opportunities for energy efficiency are also being considered.

Closing word

There are so many corporate blogs, but proper communication rarely happens there. Links to other blogs are also hard to find outside of the blogroll. Is it simply the case today that communication only takes place in social networks? But these blogs are perhaps a first step and a way to more communication with the industry and potential customers. I wish the blogs mentioned many more posts, comments and readers.

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