New Agent Preview for Chamber

New Agent Preview for Chamber (VALORANT’S17th AGENT).

New Agent Preview for Chamber (VALORANT’S17th AGENT).

The release date for ‘Deadeye’ has been eagerly anticipated by the Valorant community. We are now able to confirm that Chamber is this agent.

New Agent Preview for Chamber

He is very refined and looks a lot like a hitman. In his cinematic reveal we see his sophisticated style and learn more about his French heritage.

His calm, sexy criminal demeanor has many in the community raving about him as VALORANT’s coolest Agent yet.

Furthermore, the film gives us a little insight into his talents. Let’s look at them now.

C- Trademark

A trap should be placed that scans for enemies. When an enemy shows rage, the trap countsdown and destabilizes their terrain. It also slows down players who are caught in it.

How fast this trap activates and if the enemy can defeat it will all determine how strong this ability.

This sounds like a traditional ability one would find in a Sentinel’s kit. His other abilities are also quite unique for Sentinels.

New Agent Preview for Chamber

Sage, Cypher and Killjoy all help their teammates without needing to aim. Chamber will be relying on outplay and aim for maximum kit to hold sites for his teammates.


Q – Headhunter

Activate to equip the heavy pistol. Alt fire the pistol with the aim down sights.


Chamber’s Headhunter is able to one-shot enemies with a headshot, unlike the Sheriff. Right-clicking will enable you to aim down view.


New Agent Preview for Chamber

New Agent Preview for Chamber


This will greatly assist in securing long-range kills. These two features make it far more advanced than the Sheriff.


It is a pistol-like weapon, but can function as a Guardian. (This is insane considering the Guardian’s high price of 2250. It is an expensive ability.


E – Rendezvous

Place two teleport Anchors. To quickly teleport to another anchor, activate one of the teleport anchors that are within reach of the anchor. Anchors may be picked up for redeployment.


It is possible for teammates to use the anchor as well. Chamber and his colleagues can use this anchor if they are overpowered by an enemy push.

New Agent Preview for Chamber

Chamber may be more interested in securing one kill on the spot before using his Rendezvous as a way to flee to safety and then play retake.


X (ULTIMATE) – Tour de Force

Activate to summon a custom-made sniper rifle which will kill an enemy in one hit. Killing an enemy will create a lingering effect that slows down anyone caught inside.


This custom sniper has the ability to one-shot even the legs and is stronger than that of the Operator. It is presumed that this slow’s radius will be similar to that of a Sage Slow Orb.


New Agent Preview for Chamber

New Agent Preview for Chamber


Chamber kills one enemy by firing his Tour de Force gun if they decide to fast push C Long or Haven.


It will completely stop their plans to attack the site. Not only have they lost one of their members, but they are also slower and unable to commit to the fast push.

New Agent Preview for Chamber


This ability is believed to be worth 7 ultpoints.


A Radiant Players’ Opinions and Thoughts on Chamber

Chamber can rely on a lot in order to realize his full potential. This is similar to Jett. Jett’s low elo can make her a bit punching bag because she is a high-risk, high-reward agent.


From time to time, Jett’s low elo may get a little bit of abuse from her staff.


Chamber would be the same. His kit is a bit risk-reward focused and will be dependent on you hitting your shots.


His Trap is all he has to deter enemy pushes. He is also arguably weaker than Cypher and Killjoy, who can anchor sites very comfortably by using their utility.


New Agent Preview for Chamber

New Agent Preview for Chamber


Chamber will, again, strengthen his eco rounds, similar to Jett. It is possible to see Chamber and Jett collaborating well in this team. Jett can bring her knives to eco rounds and Chamber can use Chamber’s custom sniper gun.

New Agent Preview for Chamber

If the 3 other players manage to arrange a decent half buy, the team should be in a stronger position than the standard eco rounds. Chamber is a questionable agent when it comes down to team economy and being frugal.


So, even if his ultimate isn’t available on a save round he can use the Headhunter and purchase a pistol to help his teammate.


We have yet to see his Cinematic so much of this speculation is just speculation. Once he’s in beta, I can’t wait to see how his abilities work. Chamber will be released November 16, despite the delay of 2 weeks.

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