New magazine on the citizens’ energy transition with content from all of us and financed by many people

Anyone who has carefully followed my podcast issues 21 and 22 in the past few weeks will have noticed that I now have a permanent partner in these conversations who will bring more life into the podcast and significantly upgrade this medium. My conversation partner Kirsten Hasberg comes from Denmark, also has Hungarian roots and is still co-moderator on an American podcast, “This Week in Energy”.

Equipped with so much energy, this week she started the crowdfunding campaign for a new project already presented in the podcast. It’s about a new English language magazine app that will be available for free. EnergyDemocracy.TV, the world’s first crowd-publishing magazine app, is about the decentralized energy transition in the hands of citizens as individuals or cooperatives.

The cumbersome English term crowd publishing means that everyone can contribute something, the masses of people create the content and thus determine the content of the monthly magazine. Being an app, the content can take many different forms, such as video, sound, text or graphics – all about the global energy transition towards renewable energies in the hands of citizens.

Why a new medium?

Once you have this great advantage of the multimedia experience on the smartphone or tablet with this type of app. But the much more weighty argument is having a medium for different reporting. In many countries, renewable energies are still presented too negatively in the classic media and energy production in the hands of individual citizens or cooperatives instead of a few large companies is suspect anyway.

With the app, anyone can become a producer of content, just like anyone can become a producer of electricity – hence the name EnergyDemocracy.

EnergyDemocracy.TV’s features can tell stories about living with renewable energy and bring reports that do not appear or are misinterpreted in other media. Anyone who deals with this topic in Europe and especially in Germany knows exactly how much the traditional media influence public opinion and discussion – and also how many of the major media are influenced from outside. We had a nice conversation about this in the last podcast edition. Thorsten Zoerner nicely formulated the necessary diversity in the media in his report on the blogger meeting at SMA.

Funding from the crowd

Just as everyone can contribute something to the contents of the project, the financing should also come from many individual people – in contrast to the classic financing of individual institutions. Over the next 39 days, you can make a financial contribution on the EnergyDemocracy.TV campaign page via the Indiegogo platform to make the vision of the app a reality. Any financial support is welcome and rewarded.

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