On the representation of the interests of small solar system operators

We have so many photovoltaic systems in Germany, there are now around 1,265,911 systems, according to the statistics website EnergyMap. Most of them have an output of less than 100 kW. That’s a huge number of plants, a lot of small operators of power plants. Until now, these power plant operators had no representation of interests and no organization or neutral contact persons in case of problems.

However, the Association of Solar Operators, or the German Solar Operator Club eV, as it is officially called, has been in existence for a few weeks. He should advise and support all interested parties, operators and users of PV systems in all questions, but also act as a political representative. You can also imagine this association as a kind of ADAC for the operators of photovoltaic systems, according to the first chairman Erhard Renz in the new podcast edition.

He tells us how he got the name Sun Whisperer, which is also the name of his blog, and how the association came about. There is already an exchange of experience for system operators in the photovoltaic forum, where the idea for this association was born. But there will also be advice, for example on insurance or network connection. Interested parties can register on the above website or directly from Erhard Renz’s blog or from Twitter Report.

Final sprint of the crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding campaign for EnergyDemocracy.TV is now entering the hot phase of the final sprint. The goal is still far away, but there will still be some movement in the last few days. Anyone who is interested can read my description of the new magazine app for the international citizens’ energy transition again and listen to Kirsten Hasberg’s crowdfunding song at the end of this podcast edition. In which crowdfunding campaign can you hear such a beautiful song?

Now is the time to support this project – every amount and support is important!

More information about the podcast

As always at this point, the podcast can also be found in the directory and of course in the itunes podcast directory. An overview of all previous podcasts can be found here. Do you know other directories to make the podcast known? If you like it, then we’d be happy to recommend it.

In two weeks we will continue again with a new interesting issue. I already have ideas for new conversation partners. If you are interested in a podcast or have suggestions for discussion partners, please feel free to leave a comment. The same applies to questions to my future interlocutors.

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