Optimize self-consumption of solar power with specific weather forecasts

I had already discussed the consideration of the current weather and also the forecast for the current day for the optimization of self-consumption of electricity from the photovoltaic system on the roof in podcast number 13 with Christian Höhle from SMA. The focus was on how the SMA Sunny Home Manager works, which controls the large electrical appliances in the household according to the available solar power. For example, if the sun should only shine in the morning, the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are switched on in the morning so that they can run on solar power and do not require mains power.

As far as I know, this is still the solution to control home appliances according to the weather, not only according to the current weather, but also that of the current day. It is important for operators of new photovoltaic systems that were put into operation last year and this year to consume the electricity generated themselves as far as possible. The costs for electricity from the grid are now significantly higher than the costs for the PV system, so that you can save money by consuming the electricity you generate yourself.

A provider of weather forecasts, Enercast GmbH from Kassel, for example, offers suppliers of smart home systems suitable weather forecasts for optimizing smart home systems. Through the combination of different weather services, the enercast weather forecast data is optimized and more precise than the data from a single weather forecast service provider.

The integration of the generation forecasts from Enercast GmbH into the smart home systems should be quite uncomplicated. This means that the self-generated electricity can be distributed over the day according to the forecast. The corresponding devices are controlled accordingly and the residents receive individual recommendations for action for the optimal use of their solar power.

With enercast generation forecasts, which predict the yield up to a week in advance in 15-minute bands, self-consumption can be planned and thus increased by up to 25%.

Another interesting application would be the integration of the heat pump to heat the service water storage tank as long as the sun is shining. Other use cases in a smart home environment would be the connection to the sun protection, which is retracted before a thunderstorm or the blinds are closed before the rain if the window is open. A combination with the heating control is also conceivable, which increases the heating accordingly in good time before lower temperatures.

Do you know any other possible applications of a weather forecast in the smart home?

What does self-consumption of solar power mean?

In a short explanatory video, SMA has clearly presented more about self-consumption of solar power and how you can get the most out of your photovoltaic system. (Blog post by SMA explaining self-consumption)

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