Podcast issue 23 with Kirsten Hasberg on the development of renewable energies in the USA

After an unplanned break, the podcast continues. For this issue, I spoke only to Kirsten Hasberg. She spent four weeks in the USA promoting the crowdfunding campaign for her EnergyDemocracy.TV project. I had already reported on your project in a detailed article. There are still 10 days left to successfully complete the campaign and collect the money needed for the first issue.

During this time she learned a lot about the development of renewable energies in the USA. The starting point was the aforementioned conference on 100 percent renewable energies in San Francisco, which showed great interest in the topic. In particular, mayors of some cities were there to find out how they can take their energy supply into their own hands. In the US, too, the pressure to do more for renewable energy comes from the grassroots, from the cities and from the states, as Jill Clayton’s guest article shows. But all in all, the topic is still very new there, especially the idea that one could only supply oneself with renewable energies or that consumers also become producers.

You can best hear what she reports for yourself in this issue:

My motivation for supporting EnergyDemocracy.TV

I’m doing a little bit of advertising for this campaign because I want her to support the project to make it a success. On the one hand, it promotes global networking and communication about the decentralized energy transition and, on the other hand, it is a completely new way of bringing different media together and publishing them. And maybe there will also be a German edition.

More information about the podcast

As always at this point, the podcast can also be found in the directory and of course in the itunes podcast directory. An overview of all previous podcasts can be found here. Do you know other directories to make the podcast known? If you like it, then we’d be happy to recommend it.

Next week we will continue with a new interesting issue. I already have ideas for new conversation partners. If you are interested in a podcast or have suggestions for discussion partners, please feel free to leave a comment. The same applies to questions to my future interlocutors.

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