The energy transition is in the hands of the citizens

I have already tried to explain here several times that there are different opinions about the definition of the energy transition. Particularly outstanding is the guest contribution by Mathias Gößling from September 2012, in which he shows that the nuclear phase-out is often equated with the energy transition.

But what is also neglected in the public discussion about the energy transition or is almost ignored by politicians and the big media is that it is about a major restructuring of the energy supply. The power to supply electricity should no longer be in the hands of a few corporations, but in the hands of the citizens. Politicians and the media are probably aware of this goal, but this appears to be more of a threat than an opportunity. In addition, the interdependence of the major energy suppliers with politics is too great to take up such unwelcome topics.

But who has invested in the energy transition so far? The share of the big four energy suppliers in the renewable energies in Germany is negligible. Private individuals have the largest share of renewable energy systems at 40%, another 11% are owned by farmers (source: Agency for Renewable Energies from 2010).

If the media doesn’t take up this goal and the interests of small generators, then others will have to. The energy bloggers want to tackle this topic more together, that is the objective after the blogger day at SMA. Crowd-publishing magazines such as Energiefacetten or EnergyDemocracy.TV can also draw more attention to the energy transition in the hands of citizens.

We are energy citizens!

Each of us can contribute something, that’s the very best thing about the energy transition. From saving electricity and heat, to purchasing green electricity, to a PV system on the roof or shares in a wind or solar park, people can participate in the energy transition.

It is always particularly nice to document such actions and activities, because there are many individual measures that are small and hardly noticeable on their own. But they can be good examples for others and in a crowd they really make a difference. That’s why I think the new action of the alliance “Energy transition in citizens’ hands” is particularly successful, they give active people space on a website to present their actions under the motto “We are energy citizens”. I hope there will be many more actions and good examples, because there is still so much to show and so many people who are active.

Perhaps a counter that shows the number of actions entered would be useful

But I don’t want to forget the municipalities that are committed to an ecological energy supply in the regions or industrial companies that significantly reduce their energy consumption and maybe even produce the electricity themselves.

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