The first commercial battery park to ensure grid stability will go into operation in mid-2014

Last week I wrote about the importance of large battery parks as the key to grid integration of wind and solar power. The starting point of this article was the announced cooperation between the young Berlin company Younicos and Samsung for the construction of battery parks. I received answers to my questions in the comment on WiWo Green’s post on this topic.

The partnership is now beginning with a first major project. The Schwerin-based green electricity supplier WEMAG wants to set up the first European battery park to be operated commercially to compensate for short-term fluctuations in the grid. Younicos AG, which specializes in such storage technologies, will build this large storage park.

The large-scale storage facility, which will be larger than a sports hall, with a capacity of 5 megawatt hours (MWh) should help stabilize the grid frequency at the transmission grid level and integrate wind and solar power safely into the existing grid from mid-2014. The supplier of the battery modules, the Korean company Samsung SDI, guarantees the performance of the lithium-ion cells used for 20 years.

Economical because the storage facility participates in the control energy market

The project is to be refinanced by participating in the primary control power market. Funding from the environmental innovation program of the Federal Environment Ministry was also applied for to cover initial project risks. However, the construction is subject to the funding commitment.

It is no coincidence that WEMAG AG is involved in this area. Almost 800 megawatts of connected load from renewable sources are installed in their grid area. Around 80 percent of the electricity consumed in their region is generated from renewable energies. The battery storage will help in particular to compensate for the fluctuating feed-in.

Clemens Triebel, founder and CEO of Younicos, is convinced that battery parks are already paying off today. For him, efficient storage systems that compensate for short-term fluctuations are the key and an important lever for more renewable energies:

“Each megawatt of installed battery replaces ten times the conventional power plant output otherwise required for a stable power supply. In this way, we are quickly creating more space for wind and solar energy in our grids. Together with WEMAG, we will prove that this already pays off today – especially for innovative electricity suppliers.”

The Berlin start-up Younicos specializes in the grid integration of renewable energies and has technically and economically developed the fully automated battery park in recent years. Younicos will build this storage facility in Schwerin on a turnkey basis from June 2013. The battery park is prequalified by the network operator 50 Hertz Transmission for the provision of primary control power. Since December 2012, Younicos has been participating in the primary control power market with the batteries of its technology center in Berlin-Adlershof.

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