These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

If you’re anything like I, then you have probably been unaware of, and bothered about the state of most mobile-based game settings. The default PUBG settings do not disappoint. If you’re anything like me, it shouldn’t be a barrier to you enjoying this remarkable survival game. It’s easy to learn, has a large player base and is simple to progress through. There are a few things you can do to make it more user-friendly, simpler to navigate, and overall more efficient. Take a look at these alternate PUBG settings to see your in-game performance soar!

These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

Graphics Optimization

Change the graphic setting from Settings > Graphics to “Smooth” for low-end devices or if graphics are more important than graphics. Try to get “Extreme” as often as possible. If not, keep it at “Ultra” but no less. You can keep the graphics settings as they are, if that’s what you prefer, or change them a little if your device allows.

Multiple Styles

Settings  Graphics gives you the ability to alter the game’s colors. There are 4 choices: classic, realistically-created, colorful, or no-style. This is more of an individual choice. Some people believe that changing to “Colorful”, although it could improve the ability to identify objects and targets. If you’re not sure which option to choose, just leave it at “Classic”.

Alternative Views

You will have a better experience if this is your preferred style of gaming. Initially, the view is 90 degrees. But, you can change it to first person in Settings Basics.

Different Crosshair Colors

As you might have noticed, most of these settings adjustments are driven by individual differences among players. This includes the color of the crosshair. It is easier to spot enemies for some players if their crosshairs have bright, vibrant colors.

Turn off Speakers, Mic

Some people abuse the mic features. They can shout or use a foreign language. Finally, you may hear profanity. To disable the speakers and microphone, click “off” while in-game. You can then relax and enjoy the peacefulness and quietness.

These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

These PUBG Settings can help you win more games

Quick Chat

This option is ideal for those who prefer not to use voice chat, but still need to communicate effectively and efficiently with their teams. With Settings > Quickchat, you can make your own custom messages and have them stored for you if you need to quickly send them.

Gaming Controls

Most players can’t use the default control settings. If you feel that this is the case, head to Settings (gear symbol) > Controls> Customize. Now, you have the option to move the fire and other buttons around on-screen.

Effective Sneaking Strategy

One of the highest-yielding PUBG settings is something you should consider. Peek and fire allows you to hide behind an object to help you get more kills.

Quick and Easy Looting of Items

pubg with a chance to rechieve these bonus items

Instead of hovering above an item or weapon to click an additional button to pick them up, you can now activate automatic pickup loot. Select Settings > Pick Up to enable Auto Pick Up.

An Organized Inventory

However, more ammo will result in better performance in shooting games. There is a default limit on the ammo you have in PUBG. By increasing this limit, you can avoid the frustrating situation where you run out of ammunition while facing off against an enemy. Set the limit by selecting Settings > Pick Up. We recommend 200 rounds for fast-firing guns.

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