Through the day with an automatic intelligent heating control

With the current weather at the beginning of May, there is actually little interest in dealing with the heating. But when do you want to deal with heating if you are not particularly interested in the subject? Actually, everyone would like to have a heating system that works automatically and always adapts to requirements without our having to do anything.

A heating control system that knows how the building behaves and when heating is required and when not would be ideal. Today many new heaters can be controlled (hopefully securely) via the Internet, but this requires manual intervention. It would be better if the heating knew when we left the house and when we came back. It’s easy to do with time controls, but if our behavior changes or we come home early, it might not be warm enough.

If we don’t have to or don’t want to take care of the heating, but the heating always knows when we’re at home and it needs to be warm and when it doesn’t, it could be the most efficient control. It occurs to me that this could also be useful for regulating the controlled home ventilation (KWL).

That sounds a lot like a smart home solution. One such solution that offers such automatic control is the smart heating concept from tado°, a startup from Munich. This includes a small box that is connected to the heating system and the Internet. Everything else is controlled via a smartphone app. Unfortunately I can’t test the system yet because I have a district heating connection and the system has only worked in direct connection with the heating so far. But we are working on that. In apartments, the system can only be used with gas boilers, but not with central heating.

Daily routine with tado°

This is what a normal daily routine could look like with the intelligent heating control from tado°:

6:00 am I’m still sleeping

While I’m still asleep, tado° is already awake and heats the house to the perfect feel-good temperature in the morning. When I wake up or when the alarm clock rings, the desired temperature has already been reached.

7:30 a.m. I leave the house

Today I’m there earlier than usual, but that’s not a problem – the app notices when I leave the house and turns down the heating without me having to do anything.

11.00 a.m. The sun comes out

It’s going to be a beautiful, sunny day and the sun is shining into the apartment, which increases the room temperature. The control notices this and turns the heating down a little so that it stays at the desired temperature (during times of absence). If the sunshine is announced in advance, the heating is turned down beforehand, because tado takes the weather forecast into account.

5.30 p.m. Closing time

time to go home. When I head towards the house or apartment, the app registers this and turns up the heating accordingly so that the desired temperature (for presence) is reached when I arrive. The control automatically learns how long it takes to reach this temperature, depending on the properties of the apartment.

10:30 p.m. time to go to bed

I go to bed and tado turns the heating down to the desired temperature for the night. Here’s the only point where I don’t know how the app determines when I go to sleep or does it need to be programmed? But then you wouldn’t be as flexible.

Sounds very comfortable and efficient. Is there such a regulation from other manufacturers? From the heating industry? At least I don’t know anything. The tado controller is compatible with heaters from some major, or the largest, heater manufacturers.

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