Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

The Chicken Dinner is on Us with these 10 Top PUBG Mobile Tips

PUBG Mobile has many challenges. It’s about staying alive until the end in a 100-person free for all or as a group by any means necessary.

No matter if you are a player who likes to get the best weapons and go all guns blazing or prefers to keep it quiet, there are basic gameplay principles that can be applied to anyone who steps foot on the battlefield. If you follow these tips, and learn some skills, the chicken dinner will be yours.

We have compiled 10 top PUBG Mobile tips we think you should know!

Avoid the Initial Contact Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

The beginning of any game can be crucial. The first few seconds of a game determine its course.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

A common mistake that gamers make after landing is to engage with combat. If you are just landing and hear someone in the vicinity, do not engage in combat. You are likely to see them with a weapon.

Pre Aiming Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

You can aim your gun in the same direction as your enemy and fire at him when he appears.

This trick is also difficult because you must have some ability to predict your enemy’s next move and pre-aim.

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Stick with the Weapons that are most suitable for you

Before you enter battle, make sure to know what your weapons are. Make sure you pick a weapon you are comfortable with, and that you can trust. Be aware of the ammo and ranges of the weapons you have, and use the most effective one even if it is more expensive.

After the skirmish, you can put the weapon down. This will increase your running speed.

Dodge Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

If you are under attack, do not run in a straight line. You will die in a flash.

Instead, zigzag the battlefield to avoid any bullets being fired at you. You will need to travel longer to cover it, but your chances of dying are much lower.

Go Barefoot Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Barefoot is a great way to draw attention to you. The sound of boots hitting the floor attracts more attention than necessary.

Your speed and attention won’t be affected if you go barefoot. If you want to stealthily play the game, don’t wear your boots, especially when you get near the end.

Use Headphones Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Although you probably already know about this trick, we’re repeating it to let you know how effective it is.

Voice chat, prompts from your squad or footsteps – if headphones are not worn, you will miss these cues that will help you find the enemy.

Prefer legs over wheels Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Vehicles are useful in many situations.

There are plenty to choose from, but remember that there are 99 other people waiting to take your place behind the wheel. Before approaching any vehicle, be sure that it is safe.

Another tip for vehicle use is to keep it running until needed. As you approach the inner circles, get off the vehicle just in time to avoid any potential enemies.

Take a look at Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips


As the name suggests you can hide, peek around the cover, but not expose yourself to your enemies.

Navigate to Settings > Basic menu > toggle on Peek&Fire

This setting will allow for you to take shots without exposing your head. But you cannot fire without looking at your head.

Enable HDR Mode Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips


HDR mode offers the best graphics quality. A high-quality graphics setting gives you an advantage over your opponents by making it easier to spot them.

To adjust the performance, visit Settings > Graphics. It’s easy to notice the difference when it’s switched on.

Navigate easily Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Use your maps to help you navigate.

By limiting the number of maps in the pool, you can find the best hiding areas faster than others. This will ensure you become an expert in no-time.

Use these tips to improve your gaming experience! Let us know which trick worked best for you.

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