Top Clash Royale Tips you should know

Top Clash Royale Tips you should know

Top Clash Royale Tips you should know

These Clash Royale tips will get you into the Arena.

Clash of Clans is back with a new multiplayer game. It features your favorite Clash characters, the Royales, and many more.

A team of two to four players (1v1) or 2v2 has the goal of destroying opposing towers. One player who destroys the first tower wins after three minutes.

It may sound simple, but mastering the game will help you win. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Clash Royale strategies.

Balance Key Top Clash Royale Tips you should know

Make sure your units have a balanced mix. In your flanks, have a mix between expensive and low-cost units. You shouldn’t limit your play to powerful units that can run up a lot of elixir. Be sure to include some weaker units that are quickly regenerated. The balance is what matters.

Remember, lightning always strikes the troops who have the most powerful elixir.

Defense Over Offense

Use a battle band to defend your collection and activate your King’s tower.

Rocket against Barbarian Hunter: Wait until the barbarian at the bridge’s midpoint before releasing the rocket. It will assist you in eliminating newly spawned barbaric.

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Make the right placement decisions

An error that beginners often make is placing Pekka.

Pekka is best played against a tank with a minor. Make sure your Pekka is dropped in the corners and not behind your King towers.

Use Clones Top Clash Royale Tips you should know


Clone cards require 3 elixirs in order to be cast. When your opponent attempts distract your giant-skeleton, save your elixirs. You can use a clone to create a distraction by placing an icegolem. The clone will propel the original unit forward, while the new unit is spawned in its place.

Save yourself additional hits by placing an Ice Spirit behind the approaching Goblin Gang.

Clone at low hitpoint units is a great way to increase damage.

Without sacrificing any hitpoints. Top Clash Royale Tips you should know


Know Your Deck

Test out various decks to determine which one is the best. Spend some time on the deck and get to know it.

Here are our top picks when it comes to choosing the best deck.

Select a deck to suit your style, or the area you wish to excel at.

Play with another player who is very skilled in that deck. Compare your decision making with them. It’s fun to watch them play.

It doesn’t make a difference if you are in double or not. But it is still good to play Golem

Play 10 matches with one deck before you switch to the next.

The best deck will take your Clash Royale Family from defeat to victory!

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