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Many German solar companies have gotten into trouble in recent months or have had to file for bankruptcy. Mainly the drop in prices for solar modules caused big problems for many companies, but also the discussions about the EEG and cuts in the feed-in tariff posed problems for many companies. Many large and well-known companies have got into trouble, may have had to close and, if they still exist, are now owned by foreign investors.

Only a few companies that got into such great difficulties were able to save themselves for the time being through restructuring and with the help of the banks like Conergy. At the beginning of the 1990s, components were purchased and installed on private and commercial roofs, as well as in large solar parks. In the meantime, it also developed into a trading house for modules, inverters and rack systems. After that, the in-house production of these components began.

Today, if I read it correctly, the solar cells for the module production are bought in and the module production is flexible. Conergy presents itself on the market today as a complete system provider for private and commercial solar systems, as well as for large, turnkey systems in open spaces. This includes extensive service offers for installers and end customers. The company seems to be on the right track. Whether it will be enough, we will see in the future.


There is extensive planning software for the end customer. This not only determines the profitability of the PV system, taking into account self-consumption, but also possible shading and offers a three-dimensional display of the future system. A complete parts list of the required components is created from the software so that the installer can prepare an offer.

Conergy’s specialist partners can use this software to print out the plans with their own logo as an offer document.


The end customer can be offered suitable financing via a partner bank in order to be able to offer everything from a single source. The advantage of this offer is to have a specialized financier for uncomplicated and quick processing. How far this offer differs from other banks, I cannot judge.


Conergy also has a partner on hand to insure the solar system. When purchasing modules and inverters from Conergy, the first two annual contributions are paid by Conergy. If the Conergy rack system is also purchased, the offer is also valid for a further year. There is no obligation to continue the insurance with this partner. Again, I can not judge how the offer of other specialized insurance differs.

Training & Services

Special product training courses as well as general certified specialist training courses are offered nationwide for specialist partners. In addition, there is customer service, which also answers questions on site.

Complete product range

These offers round off the complete product range with modules, inverters, racks, a storage unit (from the former subsidiary Voltwerk) and system monitoring systems.


You cannot rely on the German photovoltaic market alone. In order to be able to survive on the market in the long term, it is important to be well represented internationally. Conergy is now represented in 40 countries on all five continents and has its own branches in 15 countries. In 2012, three quarters of sales were generated outside of Germany.

final word

Things have calmed down around the photovoltaic system provider Conergy, and more success stories are being read about new projects and partners. So we can only hope that it will stay that way and that the company is on the right track with this strategy.

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